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Learn English: How to make Conversation and Small Talk about the Weather

Do people in your country chat about the weather? When you’re making small talk, you can be sure that at some point the weather will be a topic for discussion! In whatever social or business situation you are in, being able to chat about the weather is a great way to break the ice.

Have a look at this helpful lesson on Small Talk and The Weather to help you speak English with confidence


  • You will be able to chat and make small talk about the weather
  • You will practice using ‘will’, won’t and ‘will question form’ to talk about the weather

 Let’s Get Started

What’s the weather like today?

Look at the table and answer the questions which follow.


12pm today   °C 12pm tomorrow   °C
Athens S 18 Athens C 22
Berlin R 7 Berlin R 5
Mumbai R 31 Mumbai C 29
Dublin C 5 Dublin R 8
Vienna C 12 Vienna R 14
Shanghai S 29 Shanghai S 26
Lisbon C 19 Lisbon S 24
London R 10 London S 9
San Francisco Fg 21 San Francisco S 17
Cairo S 40 Cairo S 35
Rome Fg 19 Rome C 18
St Petersburg Sn -1 St Petersburg Fg 2
Stockholm Sn 3 Stockholm Sn -1
Boston R 12 Boston C 13
Valetta C 23 Valetta S 28

S=sunny      C=cloudy      Fg=foggy      R=rainy      Sn=snowy

  1. What is the weather like in San Francisco today?
  2. What will the weather be like in San Francisco tomorrow?
  3. What is the temperature like in Shanghai today?
  4. Will the temperature in Shanghai be higher or lower tomorrow?
  5. Is it supposed to be rainy in Dublin tomorrow?
  6. Have you heard the forecast for Stockholm tomorrow?

Now look at the table again and ask the class your own questions.

Let’s Practice

Reporting and predicting the weather

  1. Read the sentences and fill the gaps with the missing words:

     What’s     there     changeable     looks     with     get     weather     about     will     day

  1. Well, here in London it is quite cool and windy today. It is ______ 12°C
  2. It ______ be warmer on Sunday. It’ll be around 18°C.
  3. ______ the weather like there, Bob?
  4. It’s a beautiful ______ here.
  5. The ______ is great/awful/terrible today.
  6. On Friday it’ll be sunny ______ winds of 10-15mph. (miles per hour)
  7. Our forecast says it will ______ worse on Thursday.
  8. Maybe ______ will be showers later on.
  9. It ______ like it’s going to rain tomorrow.
  10. The weather is a bit ______ .


  1. Look at these phrases and match the pairs to complete the sentences.


I think it will be

It won’t be cloudy

Will the weather

I hope there

If it rains

They say it

If it is too hot we

I think it will

The weather

It will be very

     will get better when we go home!

windy at the coast

will stay in the hotel

be foggy in the morning

will be rain soon

will snow tomorrow

we won’t go to the barbecue

warm and sunny next week

get better for next week?

and wet in Miami.


Let’s Speak

Role Play: Weather reporter

Scan the information on the weather from the BBC website

Answer any questions the trainer may have.






What have you learnt this lesson?

What do you need to improve on before the next?

What do you think would be useful to do next lesson for you to progress further?



Learn English: How to Speak up at a Meeting or ‘get your word in edgeways’

Sitting in on a meeting when the conversation is not in your native language and trying to join in can be one of the most nerve-racking and frustrating situations in your working life. We completely understand the problem: by the time you have thought of what to say, the subject has changed; you are so busy listening and understanding that you don’t have time to formulate your sentence; you think you might sound abrupt or rude if you interrupt; people speak so quickly that there is no opportunity to ‘get your word in edgeways’.

We have put together your essential ‘speaking up’ phrases. Take them with you to every meeting and have them at your fingertips. You will be able to interrupt a conversation politely and with respect…your colleagues will stop listen to you. Give them a try!

  • Could I just come in here? / Could I just add / mention….?
  • Could I perhaps mention……
  • Excuse me, Can I jump in here for a moment?
  • I see what you mean, but …….
  • Well, I agree up to a point, but …..
  • Yes, that may be true but ……
  • Sorry to interrupt and I completely agree with what you are saying but …..
  • Excuse me for interrupting here, but I feel it is important to mention that…..
  • I’m sorry to just come in here, but I have been wondering……


Adding a ‘hedging’ word (possibly / perhaps/ reasonably / probably) can help you to sound softer, more approachable and not in the least bit arrogant.


We could go ahead with  ……..                  We could possibly go ahead with …..

It is better to……..                                            It is perhaps better to …..

We could expect…….                                      We could reasonably expect…..

They will decide to ……                                   They will probably decide to ……..


Try them! They work wonders!