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Learn English: A few suggestions for that all important job interview in English

Are you heading off for a job interview in English? Are you worried about speaking English in an interview? Here are a few suggestions to help you succeed!

You may feel quite confident in speaking English on a day to day basis and chatting with your friends but a job interview requires a more formal register of language.

Think carefully about ‘first impressions’

Think about how you will introduce yourself

  • DO use formal language.

In order to show the interviewer that you can use more advanced English structures and that you can use appropriate English in business situations, use polite and formal English.

  • DO use buzzwords.

 Buzzwords are words that are commonly used when people are talking about something in business. Some common buzzwords might be “referrals”, “renewals”, “quality service” or “strict time management”. You need to know what the buzzwords are for your industry.

  • DON’T say like unless you are comparing things.

The word like can be used to compare things such as “I swim like fish” but we also use it as an interjection. An interjection is a word in a sentence that adds no meaning to the sentence such as “I, like, work really hard”. This kind of like is very informal and does not sound good in job interviews.

  • DON’T say you know.

Some people tend to use you know a lot when they are speaking. ”I always go to work on time, you know.” Again this is very informal and shouldn’t be used at a job interview.

  • DON’T use negative words.

Words like hate, bad, should be replaced positively: “The part of the job that I liked the least” or “It was not the best part of the job”.

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