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Learn English: Ten Great Reasons For Having English Lessons on Skype.

Why is having English lessons on Skype such a great idea?

Do you want to learn English for personal development and fulfilment, job prospects or promotion?

Most of our students would give at least one of those reasons for taking the plunge to have English lessons. Why choose English Lessons on Skype  to do that? This is what our students said in a recent survey…….

  1. You can connect directly with a native speaker who lives in the UK.
  2. You have a personal one-to-one connection so you learn a lot more.
  3. You can plan your English lessons around your schedule. Having lessons in the evening is very useful.
  4. You can use your smartphone or tablet so it is possible to have lessons while on a trip or travelling.
  5. It is very interactive and photos, files, document and text can be exchanged to support your English learning.
  6. In one-to one English lessons only your English tutor hears your mistakes so it is not embarrassing!
  7. You can be assured of good pronunciation with a native speaker.
  8. You can build a good working relationship with your English tutor and they know how to support you.


An online course of grammar and worksheets is very useful and so is watching English lesson videos, reading and listening to the news and working from a text book.  All great ideas! These strategies will help with your passive learning, but it is active and interactive learning that will boost your English skills. Using Skype to communicate with a native English tutor is the perfect way to learn a language: it is the next best thing to actually being in the country.

The English lessons are so alive and vital that it is just like being in a classroom ……. not a classroom but in the English Language Room.

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