From August, 2015

Learn English Online Blog

In the Learn English Online Blog  you will find loads of help in your journey to becoming a proficient and competent English speaker.

We know how difficult it is to learn a language or even to brush up on those forgotten skills and we are here to help. The blog gives you regular updates on the latest in learning techniques, friendly advice on setting a learning schedule, tips for improving skills and plenty of reasons to keep going.

It is all worthwhile in the end.

Our students go on the pass their preferred English Language test, get through their interviews  and gain the job they have been longing for. Some students join us just for fun, to practice and keep their interest in the language fresh. Whatever your reason, check up on the Learn English Online Blog now and again for that vital help!

Our articles include lists of useful phrases for use in the world of work, business idioms, top phrases to use at meetings and plenty of help with templates for writing emails in English.

Previous blogs have been on interview techniques and interview questions with helpful tip on answers. If you can’t find what you need in the blog, just contact us via email and we will answer all queries. We offer a personal service to our students and our aim is to help you and support you. We are happy to take advice and suggestions on what to include in our blogs in the future. If there is something you need, just let us know. It is our customers who really understand the problems involved in learning and it is often up to you to take ownership of that learning.

Afterall everyone is different and unique and each person has their own style of learning. That is our belief! Keep in touch with your learning and keep in touch with us!